Description of my Predator Rifle


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In this video I talk about the predator rifle I built using a Palmetto State Armory Freedom upper receiver.

This was intended to be a middle of the road build, not too cheap, and not too expensive.

The Nikon scope is nice, but next time I am staying away from the military style turret adjustments.

Harris bipod is pretty sweet.

Even though the rifle has a scope, I went ahead and put magpul flip up sights on it.
Yep, those remington woodsmasters are hard to beat.
Although I don't hunt, I'm a certified gun nut.
I've got a Remington 7400 in 30-06. I think by the time mine came out, Remington dropped the Woodsmaster name.

And, in case I do have to defend our animals against predators, I have a scoped 22 Hornet for smaller varmints, and I keep a Mini 14 handy for anything the size of coyotes or feral dogs.


You are right. I love my Remington 742 chambered in 30-06. Nothing wrong with the .223/5.56 NATO or .308 I just never cared for the .308 and really don't like the .223/5.56 nato. Don't care for small calibers or 16-28 gauge period but everyone has their own preference. Use what you are comfortable with and what you like.
I'm so old school that my favorite center fire rifle is a Mauser GEW 98 built in 1917.
She is a WW2 bring back and the stock has been "sporterized". She really likes Federal 170 grain JSP's.
I would not hesitate to pop a coyote with it, and a 32 caliber (7.92MM) 170 grain slug moving at 2600 FPS ought to do the job.

But, I also like America's Caliber - 30-06.