Dealing with pests in the chicken yard


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The best way I have found to deal with pests in the chicken yard is through live traps. If a chicken or guinea gets into the trap, the animal is not harmed and is safely released. I have had several chickens get into live traps, and were released no worse for the wear.

Example of a live trap.

From my experience, this is the most humane way to deal with rats, mice, raccoons, opossums... etc.

Rats and mice are attracted to the chicken feed, that is just the way nature works. Rather than killing the poor animals, they can be trapped and safely released far away from the chicken house.


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Very true. Traps are the safest way to control pests infestation in our gardens or yards as they don't use chemicals and are non-toxic. The pest can be released into the wild once you have trapped them. They can have a full life as nature intended away from your home. My uncle took pest exterminator help to lay down the traps in his whole backyard and this helped a lot to my uncle in removing nasty pests and make his yards a safe place again!


First thing I want to say is no offence meant to anyone for what I'm about to say. The whole let bygone be bygone thing is a rather soft hearted way. When you release pest and predators they may work their way back to your house or someone else's. Think about it if someone released something from their house two blocks away from you and made their home in your yard would you like it?

Yes I know how I sound and I don't care. Unlike these two gentle people who let animals go after they are caught I am far less forgiving. Traps mean you don't have to stay up all day and night hunting down the critter making your life or your livestock life miserable. What anyone does with them after they are caught is their business and I'm not saying either way is for everyone but give it a good thought before you let it loose or it dispatch it. You can't take the choice back when either one is finished.