Choosing a disc harrow


When choosing a disc harrow two main blades come to mind. Those are the notched blade and the plain blade. Notched blades chops the ground and throw up the chunks of what ever it has chopped up. These chunks can be clay, roots, metal, concrete and ect. Plain blades pulverize the soil into a fine powder which is a good thing because the smoother the ground the easier it is to manipulate. Both will make the ground nice and soft but it takes practice with the notched blades go get it ultra smooth like the plain blade. Both blades will be torn up by solid objects like metal, concrete and big tree roots but the plain blades are easier to repair than the notched. You can get the best of both worlds by getting one with the front blades and the back being plain blades. This style allows the front to chop while the back fine tunes the ground. Which one suits your needs?