Brush hog up keep


Is your tractor bogging down in places it should not be while mowing? Maybe your blades are dull or the gearbox fluid is low. Make sure to check the gearbox oil here and there.

Sharpening blades isn't on the fun list but it has to be done. Everyone does it different and if it works then have at it. Personally I do it as follows. If the edges are round I use a hard grinding wheel to build the edge back. Once the edge is built I use a 60 grit flap wheel and finish sharpening it. After its good and sharp I use a 120 grit flap wheel and polish the angle and edge up. Polishing takes the roughness out and makes the edge smooth. You get a smoother cut and the edge last longer.

Change the gearbox oil every once in a while because it will thin out and will burn if you don't. Plus it makes the gearbox last longer.