Best Fertilizer for Potatoes


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What is the best fertilizer for potatoes? When growing potatoes here are usually several questions that come up. Such as when to plant seed potatoes, how deep to plant potatoes, when to harvest potatoes, and what this article covers, what fertilizer should be used for potatoes.

This is my method for fertilizing my potatoes. We are going to fertilize our potatoes twice over the growing season. Once when planting the seed potatoes, and then again around 6 weeks after plating.

13-13-13 - First potato fertilizer we are going to use is 13-13-13. This is a well rounded and balanced fertilizer well suited for growing a wide range of crops. 13-13-13 is going to help the seed potatoes set their roots and to get the tops started. I use a cultivator without the sweeps to make up a small furrow. 13-13-13 fertilizer is spread along the furrow, covered, plant the seed potatoes, then cover the potatoes. As the potato sets its roots they will tap into the fertilizer.

10-20-10 - Around six weeks after planting I spread a layer of 1-20-10 along the side of the potato sprouts, then use the cultivator without the middle plow and only the sweeps to almost cover the potato sprouts with soil. As the potato plant grows we can repeat building a mound along the row for the potatoes to grow in. 10-20-10 provides potatoes to grow large tubers.

That is pretty much it. Use a good layer of 13-13-13 when planting, then another application of 10-20-10 around 6 - 7 weeks after planting the seed potatoes.