Barb wire or straight wire?


If you are considering using a wire for fencing you need to consider the pro's and cons of barb wire and strait wire. Lets start with my personal favorite. Barb wire. Pro's it doesn't allow animals to pass through easily like strait wire because it will poke them when they try to pass through. The same thing goes for predators.

If a coyote or bob cat tries to pass through barb wire they will get caught in it and sometimes they can't get out. Another pro is if you have a horse that eats over the fence it won't be able to since the barbs hurt it teaching it not to tear up the wire. Cons is that it gets caught up and snags on a lot of things. It is a pain to cut out of brush hogs, finish mowers, pull behind mowers, tillers, riding mowers and push mowers if accidentally mowed or tilled over. It's also not kid or pet friendly. It also can cut up you hands when running it and repairing it.Strait wire pro's and cons. Pro's. It does not cut or poke animals or children.

It is easier to remove from the above mentioned objects and does not snag as easy. Another is it does not cut your hands when running it or repairing it. Cons. Animals can run right through it which means a higher chance of them getting loose and more fence repair. Horses that eat over the fence will also tear it up by leaning on it. Predators will not get caught in it or hurt by it so it won't deter them away. Which one is for you?
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It took years of my labor, and a wheelbarrow of cash, but our property is fenced and cross fenced with 47" high field fence (also called hog wire in the South).
Coyotes go to easier hunting grounds, deer easily jump over, the red foxes that live in our woods can get thru - but the 6 foot chain link around the chicken area stops them.
We run one strand of electric around the top, powered by solar fence chargers. That keeps the horse from leaning over to get at the grass on the other side.
You forgot one con of barb wire - cut up horses that require medical attention.