Appeals Court Strikes Down Bidens Vaccine Mandate


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Federal judges slam Biden's 'sledgehammer' vaccine mandate as they uphold decision to put it on hold: One blames its 'mere specter' for 'untold economic upheaval'​

The vaccine is their choice, if they die it was their choice.

It is not our job to protect others from themselves. Forcing the vaccine others is no more our responsibility than forcing others to health health, lose weight, get active, drink less... etc. If someone wants to eat unhealthy, have a heart attack and die, that is their right.

A lady I know in real life, her husband refused to take his high blood pressure meds. Well, he had a stroke, then another stroke, then he died. According to the vaccine mandate people society should have forced that guy to take his blood pressure meds.

A guy I knew, e use to hang out together, he weighed around 450 pounds, had a heart attack and died at 38 years old. If we can mandate vaccines then we can mandate people like him to lose weight and get into shape. But how do we as a society do that? We do not have the resources to police peoples individual choices.