Air brushes and paint guns


Tired of brushing or rolling on stain, primer and paint? If so look at a air brush and paint gun. Air brushes are perfect for small jobs such as gun stocks, house trim, and handles. Paint guns can cover bigger things like walls and trailers. You don't have to keep washing rollers, brushes and tubs or even worrying about getting trash in them. When using a air brush or paint gun you thin the paint so it can spray it which makes the paint actually go further. They are easier to clean since you just clean the tip, needle and the inside the paint cylinder which takes about five minutes once you get the hang of it. You can clean the cup they come with or get the kit with disposable cups. You can adjust them both to use more or less paint and the pattern width. Trust me when painting farm equipment you want one it takes a lot less time to do it and it comes out better. Two things when using them. First always add an air regulator to them. Second use air respirators rated for paint along with safety glasses. Paper dust mask are not safe to use since they do not filter paint. You can get a professional two paint gun kit that comes with a primer needle at harbor freight for $50 and an air brush for $20. That may sound cheap but I have had an air brush and a regular paint gun from them for years and they still work just fine. I bought the professional kit about a month or so ago for trailer I'm painting for someone. Try training on scrap material before you try anything big so you get that nice finish without any mess ups.