Add a frog eating fish to your ponds


The farm has a couple of ponds that will dry up in extreme hot weather. While walking around them during the spring and summer months everyone needs to watch out for cotton mouths. Ponds and slews attract frogs and birds which attract snakes. My brother had the same problem when be owned a house with a fish pond on his back porch. Bass, perch and catfish eat the frogs and their tadpoles which is what snakes are after for dinner. If you are thinking about owning a pond think of adding a fish that will eat the frogs so you don't end up with a snake problem. Trust me on it I can't tell you how many I have killed over the years and how many close encounters that I was very lucky to walk away from ok and bite free. Nobody wants to get bitten by a snake and little kids don't know the difference between snake breeds and are more likely to get bitten.