Adapting to changes.


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One thing I notice as I get older that I am much more reluctant to have to endure a change. Rather than constantly seeking something new and novel, as when I was younger, I now want the familiar. Familiar TV shows, Forums on the Internet, machines to keep working that I own and things I care about such as people and pets to be the same every day. But in this world of ours if there is one thing constant is the fact of change. Unlike learning, that is a never ending process and joy through life, having to change the daily routine is fraught with a sense of loss and a feeling of unstable ground.

Favorite TV shows wear out and get canceled, forums bog down and break up, machines break, pets and friends grow old and pass away. There is no status quo even for those of us living a simple lifestyle far from the crowd. We are forced to adapt to the new reality or get run over by it. Sometimes the changes are good and the new way of doing things turns out to be the comfortable way of things. You never know unless you sometimes take the leap.

I am taking a leap here to see if this new forum will become a new status quo for me. A previous forum was my daily routine and I had got to know many interesting and eventually familiar posters there. Hopefully this new Forum here will become my new daily routine. I guess time will tell. a lot will depend on others that decide to participate here. A forum only works with a large and varied membership. Although it might seem a bit selfish of me to expect others to supply me with my daily fix I am willing to hopefully give back.

Being angry or upset about a change is a momentary thing. Adapt or die is not just a mantra it is also a exhortation to accept changes.


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On the topic of changes, I recently bought a new automatic watering doohickey for my 2 cats. The old one was all plastic and it had gotten a rather dilapidated. Scratches to the bowl and the difficulty to adequately access the storage tank had meant it was prone to slime. So I bought a new one that has a stainless steel bowl and a large screw on bottom to the tank.

The cats acceptance of the change however was not the same. One that I often refer to as the mud cat, due its delight in playing in all things wet, immediately used the new waterer. The other one however was suspicious and warry of this change. After a few bats with his claws and several walk bys it still had not adapted. Can't rightly say when the acceptance point happened but I noticed the other day that it was drinking from the bowl. The new normal has been established.


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It seems there is always something new or changing.

Used to be MASH, now it's ER...Loved the old Police shows, today it's Law n Order (esp SVU).

I still have my favorite Forums n Blogs although a couple have grown soo large or bought out...seems once a forum gets too big it just seems to go to hell.

I've come to enjoy finding new forums, new shows, new blogs...
The school where I teach has a new principal this year. The changes implemented have been highly stressful for many staff members. The change has been especially hard to deal with for older, less technologically-oriented teachers. One of the teachers is retiring in three weeks and not finishing the year because that's the only way they feel they can handle this very stressful change.

Stressful at first, but I do love change.


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As I ride out another dreary cold day I am reminded of a strange example of change.

A few miles down the dirt county road I live on a place went up for sale and was bought by someone new. However you wouldn't necessarily know it by their mail box. The new folks left up the previous owners ratty box with the previous owner's name on it. For the 2 years they lived there, and then moved on, I would see that old box and wonder if they were ever going to change it. They never did. Hard for me to fathom folks that are content with a thing like that.