5 Best Crappie Fishing Lures, Baits and Jigs


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What are the 5 best crappie lures, baits and jigs? Let's dive into the topic and hopefully get some answers.

According to AnglersEscape on youtube these are the best 5 crappie lures:

  1. Zoom Marabou jig - 1/8 - 1/64 ounce depending on time of year.
  2. Two tailed crappie jig, then a twisty tail, lastly a shad bait.
  3. Inline spinner - Blue Fox brandname, then a Panther Martin
  4. Blade bait or lipless crankbait
  5. Crankbaits

I have had some good luck with small crankbaits fishing for crappie in river sloughs. The ones I used looked like crickets that were around an inch long.

Our next list comes from Dominate Fishing on youtube.

According to Dominate Fishing here are the best 4 crappie lures:

  1. Tube jigs
  2. Minimite
  3. Marabou Hair Jig
  4. Beatle Spin

I may have to try out those Marabou hair jigs as they appear in both lists.