1. Kevin

    Bought some seed potatoes

    Went to the local farm supply store, circle three feed in Jasper, Texas and bought 5 pounds of red seed potatoes. I love this time of year, everything seems to be sprouting back from winter. Feed stores have their chicks and seeds in. Pretty soon the stores will have their tomato and pepper...
  2. Kevin

    Soaking seeds to speed germination

    There is a little trip to speed germination, and that is to soak the seeds in warm water. Take a cookie sheet, put a paper towel down, layer of seeds, paper towel over the seeds. Soak the towels and seeds on warm water. Place cookie sheet in direct sunlight, or in a window where sunlight...
  3. Kevin

    Seeds, seeds and more seeds!

    This forum section is all about seeds. Have seeds for sale? Post them. Looking to buy seeds? Post your request. Seed storage. Heirlooms. Hybrids. Anything about seeds goes in this section.