raising chickens

  1. Kevin

    Difference between pullets and straight run

    What is the difference between pullets and straight run? Pullets are female chicks. Straight run could be anything. Typically, there is around a 50/50 chance of a straight run chick being a rooster. Think of it this way, female chicks who will grow up to be laying hens are "pulled" from the...
  2. Kevin

    Added 14 new chicks for 2019

    After suffering some losses to my chicken flock over the past year, I decided to add 14 more. Part of the losses was due to a couple of new puppies my wife and I adopted. One of the puppies was a lab. It would run over to the chicken house, grab a chicken, and bring it back to the house. It...
  3. Kevin

    Dealing with pests in the chicken yard

    The best way I have found to deal with pests in the chicken yard is through live traps. If a chicken or guinea gets into the trap, the animal is not harmed and is safely released. I have had several chickens get into live traps, and were released no worse for the wear. Example of a live trap...
  4. Kevin

    Feeding chickens grocery store scraps

    Sometimes grocery stores will fill a box full of fruit or veggies that are about to go bad, then put the box on sale for reduced price. This serves several purposes. People can get a good deal on food. Grocery store saves money from not having to throw the food away. Chicken owners can find...
  5. Kevin

    Losing chickens to predators

    During the summer of 2017 I had an issue with losing chickens to predators. Several of them have gone missing, with just a few feathers in the chicken yard. From the trail of feathers, something drug the chicken from the chicken house. I figure this was either a bobcat or coyote. It is not a...