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  1. Kevin

    Trump Finally talked with Putin

    President Trump and Putin had a two hour sit down in Helsinki, Finland. Rather than asking if Russia meddled in the 2016 elections, maybe we should ask "why" Russia would want to meddle. What did Russia have to gain by Hillary losing? I think the answer is clear, under Hillary Russia-American...
  2. Kevin

    Democrats Reaction To State Of The Union Address

    Anyone who is on social media has surely seen the pictures of Democrats reacting to President Donald Trumps State of the Union address. In all honesty, we should not be surprised. Democrats have a lot to be worried about. The 2018 mid-term elections will be at the end of 2018, and with a...
  3. Kevin

    Why Hillary Lost The 2016 Election

    Hillary lost because working class people are tired of liberal agendas. We are tired of free trade. We want our jobs back from China. We want to be able to afford to buy a home, car, and have a family. We are tired of banks getting bailed out. We are tired of wall street getting a free...