growing potatoes

  1. Kevin

    Got potatoes and onions planted

    Had a wonderful weekend with the family, and got potatoes and onions planted. Mom, dad and my oldest son came to the farm, had lunch, then we went to a field and planted four rows of potatoes and two rows of onions. The day started off with firing up the pit, letting it warm up for around an...
  2. Kevin

    Best Fertilizer For Potatoes

    When planting potatoes I start out with 13-13-13. This is a well balanced fertilizer that I feel helps get the plant established. Around six weeks after planting I side dress with 10-20-10 and then work up a mound around the plants. 13-13-13 - well balanced for plant growth 10-20-10 - helps...
  3. Kevin

    Tips For Picking Seed Potatoes

    This article will attempt to guide the reader through the process of visiting the local farm supply store and picking out the best seed potatoes. What exactly is a seed potato? Isn't is supposed to be potato seeds? Potatoes are not grow from seed. Potatoes from the previous year are used to...
  4. Kevin

    Video: How To Cut and Plant Potatoes

    Video talking about cutting seed potatoes, and then planting. The one thing not talked about is fertilizer. I would start with 13-13-13. Then around six weeks later side dress with 10-20-10. Some people cut their seed potatoes a week, or several days, before planting, then dip the cuttings...
  5. Kevin

    Cutting Seed Potatoes

    Some people are under the impression you have to plant the whole potato, and that simply is not true. Take the potatoes you intend to plant, put them in a warm place. Old timers use to put potatoes under their bed to get them to sprout. Once the potatoes have sprouted eyes, take a knife and...