growing peppers

  1. Kevin

    Tips for Growing Tabasco Peppers

    Tabasco peppers are growing like crazy. One tabasco pepper plant looks like it has 100 peppers on it. Tips for Growing Tabasco Peppers Work the soil and remove rocks, roots and break up clumps of soil Plant tabasco peppers in well drained soil. The plants seem to do well in sandy soil Space...
  2. Kevin

    Removing leaves of a pepper plant

    Anyone ever heard of removing low leaves from a pepper plant to promote new growth? I do not remember where I heard it from, but supposedly if the lower leaves of a pepper plant are removed, is promotes new leaves on top. New leaves are supposed to result in more peppers. This evening I...
  3. Kevin

    Results From The Chicken Manure Fertilizer Experiment

    One gardening experiment for 2018 was to take a field that had not been used for a couple of years, till in chicken manure using a garden tiller, then plant the crops. How well would the crops grow? Would some types of crops do better than others? After watching the experiment for close to two...
  4. Kevin

    Got The Spring Peppers Planted

    Decided to grow some organic peppers for 2018. The plants were bought from a local farm supply store here in Jasper, Texas - Circle Three Feed. For the fertilizer, some aged chicken manure from under the brooder house was mixed with soil and ashes from the smoker. A combination of oak, wild...