1. Kevin

    Fig trees putting on new growth

    Around 2014 several fig trees were planted in the chicken yard. Some of the fig trees died and had to be replanted. The original ones, and the new ones have barely grown. One of the original trees has barely put on any growth in four years. In the past I had tried stuff like Miracle Grow...
  2. Kevin

    Leaves wilting on new fig tree

    I planted two brown turkey fig trees here on the farm. They are spaced around 20 feet apart. One on one side of the chicken house and one on the other side of the house. The brown turkey fig tree on the west side of the chicken house, its leaves are wilting. I am watering it every day, and...
  3. Kevin

    Planted Two More Fig Trees

    During the spring of 2018 I decided to put two more Brown Turkey Fig trees here on the farm. This gives me a total of five fig trees. Three are in the chicken yard, and two are outside the chicken yard near the chicken house. Planting the first set of fig trees in the chicken yard came with...