1. Kevin

    Exactly how are Democrats suppoesd to win 2018 and 2020?

    Someone explain "exactly" how democrats are suppose to win the 2018 mid-term elections and the 2020 elections. The economy is doing great. President Trump is working on balancing trade. Peace talks are happening between north and south Korea. Nations that do not take steps to stop terrorism...
  2. Kevin

    Liberal Democrats will probably become increasingly violent

    Liberal Democrats will probably become increasingly violent as the 2018 mid-term elections draw closer. If there is no blue wave and republicains maintain control of both houses, chances are democrats will erupt in violence. Think of it this way, when is an animal the most dangerous? When it...
  3. Kevin

    Rome And The Divided United States

    People love to point to the similarities between the United States and Rome. From time to time someone may say, “Rome did this or that, just like what is happening to the United States.” Sometimes I can see their point, but other times I can not. Rome faced a number of issues, which all...
  4. Kevin

    Why Is Donald Trump Hated By Liberal Media?

    When Donald Trump first announced his run for the presidency there was a backlash from main stream media. Why was that? As Donald Trump made progress in the polls main stream media fought back. Liberal Socialist Democrats threw everything they had, and everything they could fabricate, against...
  5. Kevin

    Why Democrats Oppose GOP Tax Reform

    Why are Democrats opposed to people keeping more of their money? When Democrats had control of both houses and the presidency between 2008 – 2010, they did nothing to address off-shore tax havens. The party did nothing to overhaul the burdensome tax code. Nor did the party address companies...
  6. Kevin

    Liberal States Run Out Of Other Peoples Money

    Liberal states are flipping out over the recent tax reform bill President Donald Trump signed into law. Why are liberal states losing their minds? Because the tax reform limits how much state and local taxes (SALT) can be written off federal income taxes. The cap is $10,000. No SALT taxes...