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  1. Betty Powers

    Telescope Captures Our Fiery Galactic Center

    A brand new multi-million dollar telescope peered into space and looked at our galaxy's turbulent and fiery center. Screen caps and videos included in link. Very interesting stuff. I love astronomy! Milky Way's Fiery Center Captured
  2. Betty Powers

    Plutonium Stolen From CAR

    Now THIS could get very interesting. I'm sure you do this all the time. I mean, who HASN'T left a little plutonium in their unlocked car only to come back and find it stolen?? Someone Stole the Plutonium, Dilly, Dilly!!
  3. Betty Powers

    Genetically Modified Goat: Key to Curing Human Diseases?

    Genetically modified goat holds the hopes for engineering health benefits for humans. Meet Lily Star the Goat
  4. Betty Powers

    9 Things to Know About Chickens

    Read some basic info about chickens and also a few interesting nuggets you might not already know!!
  5. Betty Powers

    Chickens Aren't Dumb Clucks After All

    Chickens' thinking process surprises researchers with its complexity. Chickens Aren't Dumb Clucks After All
  6. Betty Powers

    Trump: Racist or Man With Balls?

    The White House did not deny that Trump used the phrase "shithole countries" when referring to African nations and Haiti. Would love to know how forum folks feel about this.
  7. Betty Powers


    I'm a relatively new country life transplant from city life. Got married this summer to a wonderful man living on a 30 acre (give or take) farm. We own 5 dogs, 4 of whom run the land all day, living a fun dog's life. The fifth dog is my fat boy Corgi, who wants to stay in the house. We have...
  8. Betty Powers

    Rib Sticker Recipes: Loaded Potato and Ranch Chicken Casserole

    (Souce: Num Nummies!!
  9. Betty Powers

    Rib Sticker Recipes: Crockpot Million Dollar Pasta

    (Source: This rib sticker recipe looks all sorts of amazing, perfect for frigid country weather!! Get your Million Dollar Pasta Here!!
  10. Betty Powers

    Cabbage Casserole

    My husband and I are making this for New Years. Looks so good. Added bonus: it's a Cajun recipe!! Feast your eyes on this!!
  11. Betty Powers


    What do I even say about Clyde? His mom died shortly after giving birth and he was found next to her. His owner took him in and raised him. I don't think little Clyde knows he's a cow!! Clyde even has his own Facebook page!! Come see what country life is like for Clyde!
  12. Betty Powers

    Shock Collars

    Anyone used shock collars to deter dogs from killing chickens? Did it work and if so, do you have any advice or tips?