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  1. Betty Powers

    Nicotine for pesticide

    Tobacco apparently kills dog worms. We are going to see if it works on our six.
  2. Betty Powers

    Telescope Captures Our Fiery Galactic Center

    A brand new multi-million dollar telescope peered into space and looked at our galaxy's turbulent and fiery center. Screen caps and videos included in link. Very interesting stuff. I love astronomy! Milky Way's Fiery Center Captured
  3. Betty Powers

    Plutonium Stolen From CAR

    Now THIS could get very interesting. I'm sure you do this all the time. I mean, who HASN'T left a little plutonium in their unlocked car only to come back and find it stolen?? Someone Stole the Plutonium, Dilly, Dilly!!
  4. Betty Powers

    Liberal Democrats will probably become increasingly violent well as increasingly stupid. Woman Steals 'MAGA' Hat, Equates it with Genocide
  5. Betty Powers

    Laura Bush Weighs in on the Immigration Situation

    Hello, pot! It's kettle. You're black!! This is a great video and I really enjoy Styx's channel. He does a good time giving equal thought to both sides of these issues. Most of the time, he's hard to pin down, so I appreciate that he's not completely biased when commenting on issues.
  6. Betty Powers

    Kicking off the Country Lifestyle Network YouTube Channel

    There's some good stuff coming up, so I hope you all will subscribe!!!
  7. Betty Powers

    Tips on being a good country neighbor

    Living in the country almost requires us to be good neighbors even if people end up hating their neighbors. Looking out for others and their property, be it livestock or machinery, usually is returned by those living around us. For example, my husband accidentally set the back acreage on fire...
  8. Betty Powers

    Who Would Steal Food From Children?

    That is so disappointing. I don't believe it was an accident or someone just "not thinking". "Not thinking" is grabbing Windex when you really meant to grab the olive oil, spray it on the skillet, and don't realize what you've done with dinner!! This was no accident. That's what is so awful...
  9. Betty Powers

    Getting some much needed rain

    Glad it rained after you spread that fertilizer on the ground and around the trees. That would have sucked if you'd had to go water all that yourself!!
  10. Betty Powers

    After reaching 65F it is back to 15F this morning.

    This winter has been very strong so far, unlike last year. It's unheard of for local school to be closed two days in a row for inclement weather. Never seen anything like this before.
  11. Betty Powers

    Problems with living in the boonies

    Amazon Prime is a life saver for rural living. It's a must have, to be honest.
  12. Betty Powers

    Anyone else ready for spring?

    I am looking forward to trying half barrel growing pots for veggies. We're going to grow tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers on our porch. I've not done it like that before, so it should be interesting!!
  13. Betty Powers

    Why Is Donald Trump Hated By Liberal Media?

    He's hated because 1) he's an effective Republican; 2) he knows the game of the press and is a master of the game; 3) the liberal press has never covered anyone quite like Trump before. They don't intimidate him, which is a reaction the press is not accustomed to handling.
  14. Betty Powers

    Obama library will not have books

    No physical books or books will all be digital? I'm an English teacher. I'm pained by the movement of phasing out physical books. There's no feeling like a book in the hand, the smell of pages, the feel of the cover. That's going to be lost one day soon, I'm afraid.
  15. Betty Powers

    Democrats and Trump doubters, you're welcome

    Trump has gotten more done in one year than Obama did in eight. Keep it up, Donald!!
  16. Betty Powers

    Genetically Modified Goat: Key to Curing Human Diseases?

    Genetically modified goat holds the hopes for engineering health benefits for humans. Meet Lily Star the Goat
  17. Betty Powers

    9 Things to Know About Chickens

    Read some basic info about chickens and also a few interesting nuggets you might not already know!!
  18. Betty Powers

    Chickens Aren't Dumb Clucks After All

    Chickens' thinking process surprises researchers with its complexity. Chickens Aren't Dumb Clucks After All
  19. Betty Powers

    Trump Sets New Standard For Politicians

    I think he's doing great. His honesty and unscripted talk is refreshing.
  20. Betty Powers

    Trump: Racist or Man With Balls?

    The White House did not deny that Trump used the phrase "shithole countries" when referring to African nations and Haiti. Would love to know how forum folks feel about this.