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    School shooting...

    Looks like another bad deal. I'm so glad my kids are grown and glad Im prepped n live in country.
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    Anyone else ready for spring?

    Way past ready. Just bout ready to plant some potatoes n onions.
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    Possible new Forums, sub-Forums to Country Lifestyle.

    I still like the idea of a hunting/fishing section.
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    Hi From Florida

    Welcome aboard.
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    Anybody Home?

    Howdy from yer norther neighbor.
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    Why Hillary Lost The 2016 Election

    I think she lost because she sucked. The same reason McCain/Palin lost and for same reason Mittens n Ryan lost...they sucked. Trump was truely the best choice. I'm not a Trump fan, but he was a far better choice.
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    Rome And The Divided United States

    I think yall both hit on it. I'll add this tho; The American Dream. We raised our with the idea that if they can get an education, work hard then they can earn "the dream". But the American dream for today's generation really can't be reached. We've got from a "producing economy" to a...
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    Problems with living in the boonies

    I agree, depends on yer life style. Country life can get tedious an boring an laborius. For us, our kids are grown, we're not too far Internet cept cell phone, no ci ty water or sewer...trash man will come out but we burn n pile n compost. Poverty...and Meth is our big problem out...
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    After reaching 65F it is back to 15F this morning.

    Mostly surf forums, sharpen knives, clean a gun, stay off wifes radar.
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    When to Till/plant

    Soo, When's a good time to till it up and plant watermelons.
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    Why Democrats Oppose GOP Tax Reform

    Ya, I'm a fan of tax cuts, for everyone as individuals. I have no real problem with the Trump tax cuts...except how it's being hyped. Most folks are gonna see about $30 extra a when a GOP Congressman comes on the Sunday talk shows and says things like folks can now spend more on...
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    Adapting to changes.

    It seems there is always something new or changing. Used to be MASH, now it's ER...Loved the old Police shows, today it's Law n Order (esp SVU). I still have my favorite Forums n Blogs although a couple have grown soo large or bought out...seems once a forum gets too big it just seems to go to...
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    Losing chickens to predators

    I've never tried it but heard a radio helps keep animals away. I'd imagine they'd eventually get accustomed to that too. I tried a motion light, worked like a refrigerator light...they ate everything.
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    Been a bad day

    Chickens are cheap, dogs can be taught. Sorry bout it man.
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    Possible new Forums, sub-Forums to Country Lifestyle.

    I know it's a young forum, maybe later as it grows we can have a "Ask a Expert" section. I sure hope this grows btw.
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    Dealing with pests in the chicken yard

    You are nicer than me...I don't let em go.
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    Losing chickens to predators

    I dunno Kev, don't underestimate possums or coons. It's been my experience possums n coons are #1 chicken killers, followed close by dogs n coyotes n feral cats. Only thing I know that stops them is a well built pen and coop....but in the end, something always kills off my chickens.
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    Will liberal lunacy continue in 2018?

    Eh, the lunacy will always be with us. Today it's Hipsters n Liberal media, yesterday it was Hippies, before that it was Progressives and T-Totalers. Long as we keep the 2A intact, we'll be Ok.
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    Peace and quiet

    Stars, no neighbors and floating in pool nekkid at night. Bout the only thing I hate are sandburrs n ticks.
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    Disconnect between urban and rural populations

    I dunno, I grew up poor, out in country, lived most of my adult life in some big cities, retired on 10acres, down mile n half dirt road. I'm pretty open or Liberal bout alot of society's issues...but I'm also on the very fiscal conservative side. Guess I'm bout as Independent as they come...