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    We decided to build an outhouse for bathroom duties while living in our RV on our new property. I purchased a thetford porta potti for night time non solid bathroom trips which we can drain safely outside. The Outhouse is a dry type with a bucket. The contents are stored in a trash bag, and we...
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    Getting started / temporary compost

    What's a good way to get started with composting? We're on a new property that's mostly wooded. Our building is temporary (Camper) while we level the land and get the basement in. We grill outside and have a decent amount of food scraps and charcoal ash, but no lawn clippings. We can throw in...
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    Hired Help

    We are moving to a rural area after purchasing some property. The property is wooded and has not been logged for some time. We needed a driveway installed and some land cleared. Unfortunately the sales process ran late, and we weren't able to sign until late spring. Due to the unknown of whether...
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    Gas Engine Tips

    Greetings, Here are a few tips and suggestions for handling gas and gas engines. Ethanol is in most gasoline that you buy today. It's a nasty product that can eat away at carburators and leave deposits and varnish behind. Even fuel injected machines can suffer if left to sit long enough. It...