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    Found an opossum in the chicken house

    Now, when the raccoon came, scaled 6 feet of chainlink fence and killed one of our hens, then it became personal. If he never came back again, he would still be alive today. I caught him using a live trap, and since it is illegal in Florida to relocate a coon, I had no choice but to shoot him. I...
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    Hello from N.D.

    Welcome from Florida. Thank you for serving our country. I was US Army, 1967-1970, with the 5th Infantry Division.
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    Tilling Manure Into The Garden

    I'll bet the deer were watching you from the woodline.;) We let our chickens roam free during the day, in a fenced enclosure that is 40 feet by 60 feet, so there is no collecting manure. Except for what is around their roosts. But, we do have a horse (used to have 3) who gives us plenty of...
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    Tips on being a good country neighbor

    One of our neighbors calves got loose and was walking down the road in front of our place. We calmly got it into our horse pen that fronts the road and called the owner (who is a friend). He and his son came over with a little bumper pull 2 horse trailer and took the wayward youth home.
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    Easy way to deal with field rats

    Good idea. We will not use poison, for fear of killing an owl or hawk that eats the rat before it dies itself. Likewise, we don't want one of our dogs getting ahold of a poisoned rat, either. We use: my Single Six with 22 magnum rat shot (our local rats are BIG), or spring traps in the feed...
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    What's up? I

    Welcome from the piney woods of rural North Florida.
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    Hey fellas n gals

    Glad to know ya! I'm from "that other place" as well.;)
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    Welcome to the community

    Thanks, Kev for starting this place.
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    Welcome. I'm a member of so many forums (SB included) that I use the same names every where so I don't get confused. Forums like this I'm rice paddy daddy Military history and veteran forums I'm 5thmech. But I understand "registering" one's handle - the guy using my RPD handle over at Military...
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    Sledge hammer

    You are absolutely correct - sledge hammers and crow bars of various sizes are essential for farm or homestead life. I have several small hand sledges, one wood handle, one synthetic (of some type) handle. The wood handled one is about 50 years old. I've also got an 8 pounder, but it needs a new...
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    Description of my Predator Rifle

    I'm so old school that my favorite center fire rifle is a Mauser GEW 98 built in 1917. She is a WW2 bring back and the stock has been "sporterized". She really likes Federal 170 grain JSP's. I would not hesitate to pop a coyote with it, and a 32 caliber (7.92MM) 170 grain slug moving at 2600...
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    Anybody Home?

    Welcome from Florida. I'm still on the shady side of 70, myself.
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    Description of my Predator Rifle

    Although I don't hunt, I'm a certified gun nut. I've got a Remington 7400 in 30-06. I think by the time mine came out, Remington dropped the Woodsmaster name. And, in case I do have to defend our animals against predators, I have a scoped 22 Hornet for smaller varmints, and I keep a Mini 14...
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    No prisoner policy or forgive and forget?

    The problem of relocating an animal is that it upsets the natural balance of the new area. In fact, in Florida (where we are) it is against the law to relocate raccoons, for example. I take no pleasure in destroying an animal that has killed or injured our chickens, but they are dependent upon...
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    Democrats Reaction To State Of The Union Address

    I watched the whole speech. I thought it was the best, most pro-American, pro-conservative, speech since Ronald Reagan. I believe I even heard Democrats boo a few times, totally unbecoming. During the point where Trump spoke about veterans, and reforming the VA, the camera caught Dems playing...