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    Canning Home Grown Jalapeno Peppers

    I'm hoping to do several jars in a few weeks!
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    Preserving your farm fresh eggs video
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    Dealing with pests in the chicken yard

    In many states it's illegal to relocate wildlife (for good reasons)
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    Losing chickens to predators

    'Coons love chicken & are much smarter & stronger than most folks know . IMO the best thing is to surround the coop/run with a HOT electric fence (they have solar powered if you don't have A/C close to them. Of course that won't deter hawks & owls. I have a 2500 sq foot fenced area totally...
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    Hey fellas n gals

    Welcome aboard!
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    Anyone else ready for spring?

    I've been ready for at least a month!
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    Peace and quiet

    Nothing like the country
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    Been a bad day

    Sounds like it was! Here is hoping for better days ahead!
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    Fried green beans

    Sounds really great!