Why Democrats Oppose GOP Tax Reform


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Why are Democrats opposed to people keeping more of their money? When Democrats had control of both houses and the presidency between 2008 – 2010, they did nothing to address off-shore tax havens. The party did nothing to overhaul the burdensome tax code. Nor did the party address companies hiding their money in other countries.

What did democrats do? They passed the so called affordable health care act that put more taxes on people.

Why is that? If Democrats refuse to address taxes, why are they opposed to the GOP tax reform?

Let’s say the wealthy keep more of their money, so what? Who do you think builds their mansions, their clothes, ships the stuff they buy… etc? The wealthy provide jobs to the working class in one way or another. Take a look at Mike Tyson and MC Hammer. They burned though millions. That money was put back into the economy.

The real problem with the tax bill, democrats are losing ground on their tax and spend policies. Eventually, democrats run out of money. Just look at Detroit, the city is in ruins under decades of tax and spend policies. If taxes go down, government programs must also go down. Then again, the government can continue to print money out of thin air like it has done for the past 100 years. Need money to bail out the banks in 2008? Just print more money.

States face a problem that they can not print money like the federal government. Once states reach a certain level of taxation, the people can not be taxed anymore. Then what happens? Socialist democrats want more programs, but there is no more money. Detroit and California are facing grave problems with unfunded debt, such as public servant retirement plans. People can not be taxed anymore, so something has to give.

Then along comes the GOP with a tax bill that would cut taxes. What are socialist democrats supposed to do? The government will be taking in less money, so something has to be cut.

Rather than cutting public services, how about cutting foreign aid?

Poor, well off, or rich, people should keep their money. Democrat tax and spend policies simply do not work. Leave the money in the pockets of the people and let them spend it as they want. This encourages and enables the free market.

Why do democrats oppose tax reform?

Because they think:
  • They are entitled to your money.
  • They can spend it better than you.
The honest truth is, if someone works for their money, they should keep it and spend it as they want.
We have to have faith that President Trump will do whats best for the nation.
Detroit. Really. Really.

How about cutting the defense budget that is the next seven or eight biggest militaries in the world combined. Then maybe take care of the humans who serve in the elites military (they dont serve, and when they do it's in the rear.)

Then maybe we can address taking care of humans that live in this country.

As opposed to the no tax, and spend like money is water republicans, since any fiscal conservatives have pretty much been fed enough bills in their pockets to look the other way the last two decades.

Too,late for a full response. But it will be fully responded to.


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Detroit. Really. Really.

How about cutting the defense budget that is the next seven or eight biggest militaries in the world combined. Then maybe take care of the humans who serve in the elites military (they dont serve, and when they do it's in the rear.)
Ending offshore tax havens for companies like microsoft and apple would help also.
Ya, I'm a fan of tax cuts, for everyone as individuals. I have no real problem with the Trump tax cuts...except how it's being hyped.

Most folks are gonna see about $30 extra a paycheck....so when a GOP Congressman comes on the Sunday talk shows and says things like folks can now spend more on Christmas...or look what they can do with $1600 a year.

They make it sound like folks are getting a big chunk of change, when in reality they get half a tank of gas or a dinner.

But like I said, I'm all about cutting taxes as long as folks are getting in back in their weekly paychecks.
There was NO federal income tax until 1913.
How did we get by without it?
Well, we carved this country out of the wilderness, settled the west, built roads and bridges, created and equipped an Army and Navy, and did a myriad of other day-to-day things.
Now, look at it in 2018 - between local, state, and federal taxes the average worker pays 50% of his/her income to the government. FIFTY PERCENT!!
Everything from the tax on your phone, to gasoline, sales tax, drivers license and vehicle plate (taxes, both), and on and on and on.

Why do we give nations that hate us billions in foreign aid? Trump has begun to fix this by cutting off Pakistan.
Illegal aliens cost billions of dollars a year more. Force employers to actually use the E-Verify hiring system and fine the hell out of any caught hiring illegals. Remove the economic incentive for illegals to come here in the first place.
How many people actually work for the US government? Anyone know? Think of the money that could be saved by cutting each and every government office by 10%. A mere 10%.
We could cut the federal Dept of Education by 100% - education should be a states issue.
Cut the EPA by 50%. Or more.

Yeah, talking about taxes gets me wound up.