1 whole dressed out pig. Suckling is best.

Depending on size use up to the following. 4 packs of mushrooms, 3 onions, 5lbs of potatoes, 6 pack of beer, 4lbs boudin stuffing and 2lbs pepper jack cheese.

Cut up mushrooms, potatoes, and onions. Shred cheese. Mix everything together but the beer. Place stuffing inside pig after seasoning inside pig with whatever you like to season pork with and if not being cooked in a oven sow stomach shut with stainless steel wire. Take the pig and season the outside with the same ingredients.

Take a syringe fill it with the beer and inject the pig with it. Place large pigs on a spit and rotate over open fire until done. You can also use a hole in the ground with hot coals in the bottom and place more hot coals on the top or a bbq pit. Wrap pig in foil before doing so. Use the oven at your discretion but make sure the woman isn't around to see it.Trust me I still hear about it. Cook until done.
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