What to think about before you buy a tractor

Before anyone buys a tractor here is some things they need to contemplate. What are your needs,how much land do you have,how much is your budget,how many and what brand dealers do you have near you,how many repair shops are near you,does it break the bank if something breaks on it,how many and what size implements are you using and is it going to be big enough if you lease or buy more land than when you first get the tractor. From personal experience I would get either a Massey Ferguson or an American made mahindra. Anything orange cost more than anything. I have worked on so many blues and greens I could do it in my sleep and kioti is pretty useless because they don't know what they are doing. One thing to always consider going up ten more horse power or so than needed because it will last longer and hopefully you won't out grow it and always try to get red colored if you can afford it. Don't stress out over it trust me you will know when you find the right one.
To add to this, I would not buy used if you are not mechanically inclined, or have no interest in performing work on a tractor before completing a task. Not everyone has the time or equipment to do so. Also important if you are less mobile due to life or age. Old tractors can sometimes be neglected and things will go out on you when you need it the most. If you love the challenge of fixing and maintaining and see value over purchasing new, then consider used. Another reason we went with new was due to the amount of implements we wanted. Financing the implements frees us up from having to hunt down all the parts needed. Some good dealers have mobile repair/maintenance facilities as well.