Welding helmet

When buying a welding helmet do you consider how much you weld? Some people weld often others not so much.

When you weld here and there do you really need a $130 plus helmet? While at harbor freight today I used a coupon to buy a new welding helmet that also has the grind mode.

All together it cost $43.29. It may sound like being a tightwad but I usually weld anywhere from two to four times a year so I don't need a high dollar helmet.

Yes the higher dollar helmets are nice but are they really necessary if you weld so few times a year? If you weld a lot then yes you need a higher end helmet but for your average farm and shop stuff I think the cheaper ones will work just fine.



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I used a pipeliner hood for decades, but it has been misplaced. I thought it had been loaned to my brother, but he said he did not have it.