Tips for Growing Tabasco Peppers


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Tabasco peppers are growing like crazy. One tabasco pepper plant looks like it has 100 peppers on it.

Tips for Growing Tabasco Peppers

  • Work the soil and remove rocks, roots and break up clumps of soil
  • Plant tabasco peppers in well drained soil. The plants seem to do well in sandy soil
  • Space plants 3 - 4 feet apart. One of my plants is close to 30 inches across and it is still growing.
  • Use a well balanced fertilizer, such as 13-13-13, and mix in some manure. The manure will supply the plant with a slow release organic fertilizer.
  • Keep the plants supplied with plenty of water.
  • Allow for plenty of sunlight.
  • Keep weeds pulled away from the tabasco pepper plant.
The tabasco pepper plant should take less than 60 days to start production. If I had to guess, I think my tabasco peppers were producing before the jalapeno peppers.

When making hot sauce, just a couple of peppers goes a long way.

Overall, I found growing tabasco peppers very much like growing jalapeno or any other pepper plant. Hopefully the plants will produce until the first frost.