Strange vechiles on rural roads


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The other day my wife and I were heading to town, and as we were leaving out there was a truck parked on the side of the road. Ok, no big deal, expect the passangers side door was open.

We went to town, took care of business, then drove home. Guess what, the truck was still there with the same door still open. Windows were very dark so I could not see anyone moving in the cab.

With the door being open I figured someone stole the truck then bolted.

My wife and I got home, I grabbed the Glock 19, got in my truck and drove to where the truck was at. Well guess what, there was someone inside. I stayed in my truck and drove up alongside them. The driver cracked his window about 3 inches and said they were ok. Then a womans voice said they were ok.

As I pulled forward to turn around, they cranked the truck up and drove away.

Like in a lot of rural areas drug usage has reached epidemic proportions. I figure they were sitting on the side of the road doing drugs.

I took a picture of the truck, called the sheriffs department, told them what was going on, and gave them the trucks license plate number.