Rome And The Divided United States


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People love to point to the similarities between the United States and Rome. From time to time someone may say, “Rome did this or that, just like what is happening to the United States.”

Sometimes I can see their point, but other times I can not. Rome faced a number of issues, which all contributed to its downfall. However, there is one major issue Rome faced that I see in the United States, and that was a divided people.

Over the centuries Rome conquered a number of peoples. The people of Rome, in their infinite wisdom, decided to allow the conquered groups to elect senators. When those senators went to Rome, they had no attachment to preserving the republic.

How does that compare to the United States?

Various localities are allowing illegal immigrants to vote. If those people care about the United States, they would not be here illegally. If the cared about the Republic, then start by respecting our laws.

Then there is the state of California, which a whole other matter. Let’s be honest, California is disconnected from the rest of the nation. There is very little in common between liberal California and the heartland of the United States. So when elected officials from California go to Washington, do we honestly think they care about what is best for the republic? Chances are no.

The United States is a divided nation. The states will continue to drift apart politically until the nation fractures. Is there anyway to preserve the republic? Yes, there is a way.

If California, New York, Maryland and Washington want to become gun free socialist nations, which will eventually become communist, then let them leave the union. What happens when a hand, foot, arm or leg has gangrene? You cut it off to save a life. The same thing is happening to the United States. The infection of liberal socialism has set in, and those infections should to be removed. If they are not removed, the republic is put at risk.

Let’s go back to Rome. Do we honestly think the conquered people of Gaul cared about Rome and the republic? Of course not. The sooner Rome fell, the sooner Gaul got its independence back. As such, the senators from Gaul had no reason to ensure the survival of Rome.

With no much discourse between socialist and conservative states, the only choice is to cut the liberal democrat controlled socialist states loose. Let them have their socialist utopia. When they move from socialism to communism, we will welcome the refugees with open arms. There will be some culture shock with freedom of the press, private property, and the right to keep and bear arms, but they will adjust.

Some people may say diversity is our strength. The people of Rome probably said the same thing. Diversity only works when people unite behind a common idea. When people are not united, then the republic fractures.

  • Unless the people are united, the fracture will not heal.
  • What happens when a wound does not heal?
  • Infection sets in.
  • What happens when infection sets in?
  • The infected area has to be cut off.
Socialist Democrats are a disease. They spread infection from person to person, just like any other disease.

Someone may ask, “Kevin, what disease do socialist spread?'”

I am glad someone asked.

The disease is entitlement. This is the idea that someone is entitled to the rewards of someone else’s hard work.

Here is an example – Why are Democrats fighting for a tax break that benefits mostly the rich?

That is a typical divide and conquer tactic. Someone should define “rich.”

Being rich does not matter. What mattes is someone worked for their money, and now the government is going to take that money.

There is an old saying, “In the kingdom of the blind, the man with one eye is king.” So in a kingdom of the poor, the man with two pennies is rich? Liberal democrats would take that penny and it divide between the untold hordes?

Rather than taxing the rich, how about improving our education system? And therein lies the issue. Rather than teaching someone how to function in a capitalist society, socialist democrats would rather tax the so called “rich.” As Margaret Thatcher once said, “The trouble with socialism is you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

There will come a point when socialist democrats run out of other peoples money. When that happens, people will starve, flee, and the revolts will happen. That is why I say to let California leave the republic. When the state collapses under socialism and later communism, they will come crying back. Or rather, they will be sneaking over the wall and through the barbed wire to get back to the United States.

The problem with todays kids, they are not taught about communism. Since the infection has set in, let them learn the hard way.
"The disease is entitlement". Now that is a great quote, Kevin. I lived in a socialist country for about 10 years (Canada, dual citizen). Socialism works on small scales, so it would never work here. Also, our constitution and all of that would most likely prevent something like that to become the norm.

I'll say this...if you get sick with cancer, the government pays for hospital stays, therapies, doctor visits. The only thing not covered is medicine (they do under certain circumstances, though).
I think yall both hit on it. I'll add this tho; The American Dream.

We raised our with the idea that if they can get an education, work hard then they can earn "the dream".

But the American dream for today's generation really can't be reached. We've got from a "producing economy" to a "service evonomy".

Or generation had no limits to our upward mobility, today's generation is capped, hindered by the supply and demand of service type jobs that causes wages to stagnant or be depressed.

Kids today cannot surpass 2 cars, nice house, good job. They can only equal the dream...our generation is at the pinnacle. Kids can't do better.
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