Nicotine for pesticide

So the message is clear I am NOT saying to pick up the habit. It's not a good thing to get hooked on, trust me I have been using skoal for 17 years and I go through a can a day. Also use southern pride and jb's hunting blend chewing tobacco.

Regular pesticide has toxins in it and some you can spread only once or twice before you can pick what ever you grow. So can even be absorbed through the plant and the good ones cost a pretty penny. It also is dangerous for your pets, fowl and livestock.

Nicotine is softer on the plants and can be washed off if you spray right before picking and is not highly toxic. Your pet, bird and livestock animal may get a little case of upset stomach but it will not kill them or seriously harm them. It also keeps the bigger things away such as crows, coons, deer and squirrels.

If you use moist snuff or chewing tobacco you soak it in water for a day or so then strain the water into a sprayer and spray around the plant, on the plant and spray the ground with it to keep the little plant and root eaters alone. Spraying the ground while the plants are growing keeps grubs and worms out.

An old timer showed me the smoking tobacco technique. He smoked but you don't have to. Take smoking tobacco and burn it in a metal container. Stay away while it burns so you don't get hooked and second hand smoke. When you finish working the ground you take and add the ashes to the soil and work it in. When the ground gets wet it will absorb the nicotine keeping pest away from your plants.

You don't have to use expensive tobacco. If decide you want to give it a try buy the cheapest stuff you can find. One can of snuff should make about two gallons of pesticide. One bag of chew can make three or four gallons. If you have a friend or family member who uses tobacco ask them for the ashes and anything else you might want to use.
Yes tobacco does kills intestine and hook worms but if you make the mixture stronger than needed it can make your pet sick enough for a veterinary visit. I don't know if they still make stone wall tobacco tablets but one of those with a cup of water will do the trick. If not use a half a teaspoon of long horn tobacco with a cup of water for dogs up to 45 pounds. Be sure to strain the tobacco from the water before you give it to your dog. Use 3 cc of tobacco water per dog.