Liberal States Run Out Of Other Peoples Money


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Liberal states are flipping out over the recent tax reform bill President Donald Trump signed into law. Why are liberal states losing their minds? Because the tax reform limits how much state and local taxes (SALT) can be written off federal income taxes. The cap is $10,000.

No SALT taxes should be written off federal income taxes, period. The federal government should not be subsidizing local taxation. It a state or local area passes a tax, it should be up to the citizens who are affected by that tax who should pay for it. People from Texas should not be subsidizing taxes passed in New York or California.

Why do democrats oppose GOP tax reforms? Because eliminating those tax write offs will probably cause either a mass revolt, or a mass exodus from Democrat controlled states. The citizens from those states enjoyed the benefits of taxation, as long as someone else was paying for it. When they have to pay their own taxes, they have a change of heart. What does that sound like? Socialism.

Democrats are all for tax and spend, as long as the rest of the nation was subsiding those taxes through income tax write offs.

Rural areas already have enough problems facing us. Teachers may not be getting pay raises, services being cut, local tax base moved from factories to the people... etc. Yet, rich liberal states whine when they have to pay their own taxes?

There will either be tax reform in states like New York and California, or those states will see a mass exodus.