Keep your tractor warm during winter

Yesterday was hay day. That means using the tractor to load the hay on a trailer and in the bed of the truck. Problem was it got so cold it took me 20 minutes to get it started.

Lets face it diesel engines don't like cold weather. When they get like this you have to heat up the glow plugs or heat box then turn the key all the way to start. If it doesn't start repeat until it starts but some times you have to pump the diesel peddle until it starts. So what can you do about it? Not everyone can afford a nice insulated barn with a door.

A heat lamp pointed at the diesel pump side of the engine will work but you have to keep it on until you use the tractor. A heat blanket put on the hood will do the same thing if you put a flannel blanket on top of the heat blanket. Another way is to leave the front end of the tractor out in sun light with a black bed cover on the whole motor area. Space heaters that run on some kind of gas pointed at the tractor from a safe distance will work better than the others will.

Find what works for you and remember to stay warm while working with a tractor without a cab.
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Easiest is to get a block heater installed. You can also get ones that are magnetic attached for a temporary warmup or that go into your oil dipstick tube. You will need to park the tractor close to a electrical outlet.