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Taking out this Forum for a test spin. Nice clean format and am liking the setup to the Forum.

Thanks Kevin for the invite to your new place.


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Just a note to others from The SB Forum that might be glancing about and kicking the proverbial tires. If you are interested in the Forum here it might be wise to register your username if it is one that you care about.

Looking forward to see how many old friends and honored antagonists show up. I am happy to engage as time and my lucid periods persist.


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I have a few other usernames over the years but am content with the one I use now. However I have had my prefered username get taken before so I just figured it was worth mentioning.
I'm a member of so many forums (SB included) that I use the same names every where so I don't get confused.
Forums like this I'm rice paddy daddy
Military history and veteran forums I'm 5thmech.

But I understand "registering" one's handle - the guy using my RPD handle over at Military Rifle Forum ain't me - he stole it.