Disconnect between urban and rural populations


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There was once a time when urban dwellers understood rural dwellers. A lot of people had grandparents who lived in the country, so there was some type of connection between people who lived in the city and people who lived in the country.

Granny and papa passed away decades ago, and urban dwellers stopped visiting the country.

Now there is almost no connection between the two populations.

This has caused a lot of issues, especially when it comes to food. People expact to be able to go to the grocery store and buy food, and they have no understanding of how that food was grown.

The disconnect has also caused issues with voters. Liberal urban dwellers do not understand why people from the country vote like they do.

Everyone should live in the country for a little while. Get some chickens, grow a garden, eat potatoes straight out of the ground... and everything that goes along woth country life.


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The total mindset is different, respect for the land, property rights and accountability for one’s actions. I grew up in rural/small towns and never lived in a big city. My children and grandchildren have been/will be taught the same values. Society has lost the basics to survive, relying on others to provide for them. As the song goes, a country boy can survive.
I dunno, I grew up poor, out in country, lived most of my adult life in some big cities, retired on 10acres, down mile n half dirt road.

I'm pretty open or Liberal bout alot of society's issues...but I'm also on the very fiscal conservative side. Guess I'm bout as Independent as they come.

Country life suits me tho, goats, chickens, garden, shootin guns, hunting....but I'm close enough to use the city for ball games, movies, entertainment and grocery stores lol.

Guess I'm not the off the grid type tho.