Blogging for money


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There was once a time when someone coul open a website, post content, and they may be able to make money off that blog.

Those days are pretty much over. For someone to start a website today they will be fighting an uphill battle. The person would ahve to know about search engine optimization, and an idea of what google is looking for.

Years ago someone could post an article and by repeating certain keywords in the article they article could possibly rank well in Google. Google has changed its search engine so many times simply repeating a certain phrase over and over does not have the same effect it once had

Ask yourself a question, when was the last time you visited a blog? Or when was the last time you visited a major website besides facebook, twitter, foxnews, dailymail.... etc?

If someone wants to start a blog in a certain niche, it will not be impossible to start, but it is going to take a massive amount of money.

Rather than trying to drive people to the site, why not go to where the people are? That means using Amazon, Ebay and YouTube to make money. There is a way to make money with Facebook, but that means dedicating a massive amount of time building an audience, then dropping links to your own site, or to an Amazon page. We will get into that more indepth in other forum posts.

As it stands right now, if someone wants to open a blog and make money, get ready to spend a massive amount of time creating indepth articles on the blog. We are talking articles that have at least 1,000 words, with an ideal range of at least 3,000+ words.

It is possible to make money blogging, but few people are willing to dedicate time and effort to create content and get the blog off the ground.