A 4 1/2" grinder

The 4 1/2" grinder may not sound big and it's not but here is why one is good to have around. When grinding, sanding, wire wheeling and deburring especially for long periods of time your arms and hands will get tired.

The weight of bigger ones get heavy after a few minutes and will wear your hands and arms out fast and if not carefully watched can cut to deep. I recently helped rebuild the side and top bars on a stock trailer and I used a 6" grinder for some of the heavy weld removal so I could weld the new rods on and my hands got tired after finishing two welds. I went back to the smaller one and I could grind the old welds off of one side before my hands got tired.

Another example is while removing peeling rhino liner from a custom made trailer that I'm going to paint I can remove off a whole side and 4 1/2" grinder with a wire wheel fits into everything perfectly while the bigger ones will not. A porter cable 4 1/2" grinder from tractor supply and a extra two year warranty cost me $60 a year and a half ago. It's a great little grinder and it will get the job done as good as the bigger ones will. Is trying to get a job done faster worth tired aching hands from a big grinder or is it worth it to take a little more time and save your hands the ache and pain?
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