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    Gas Engine Tips

    I am pretty savvy mechanic. You sir are right about the ethanol. It does makes thing miserable and hard to work with. Stabil is a good additive for storing fuel for a short time. Berrymans chemo tool is better. It cuts down on the chaos new fuels can hash out and at the same time destroyes...
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    Brush hog up keep

    Is your tractor bogging down in places it should not be while mowing? Maybe your blades are dull or the gearbox fluid is low. Make sure to check the gearbox oil here and there. Sharpening blades isn't on the fun list but it has to be done. Everyone does it different and if it works then have at...
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    Tractor maintenance

    Nobody likes being covered in oil, grease and fuel but it's part of the country life. Changing the oil, oil filter, hydraulic oil, hydraulic filter, air filter or air filter oil and fuel filter. Flushing the cooling system out and putting all new fluids in everything isn't fun but it has to be...
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    Wildlife food plots

    Everyone has their own way of doing a wildlife food plot. Some plant greens, rye grass, oats, clover and everything else they can. I decided to experiment with four different ones. Two are rifle stands and two are going to be archery stands. I have disked up two spots already and one I am a...
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    Dealing with pests in the chicken yard

    First thing I want to say is no offence meant to anyone for what I'm about to say. The whole let bygone be bygone thing is a rather soft hearted way. When you release pest and predators they may work their way back to your house or someone else's. Think about it if someone released something...
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    Nicotine for pesticide

    Yes tobacco does kills intestine and hook worms but if you make the mixture stronger than needed it can make your pet sick enough for a veterinary visit. I don't know if they still make stone wall tobacco tablets but one of those with a cup of water will do the trick. If not use a half a...
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    Easy way to deal with field rats

    Rat poison is only safe under certain circumstances. If no pets are around then yes it is the way to go. I don't use it in a place where a pet will be because I lost a pet dog as a child because the dog got a hold of the poisoned rat. The rest speaks for itself. As far as farm equipment I'm...
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    Goat house

    With all the weather we have had in Texas since November it has not been good for us much less goats. They don't like cold weather and the mud makes their hooves rot. So when she told me she wanted some goat houses we talked about what exactly she wanted built. Me being the nice guy i am along...
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    Implement repairs

    Last weekend I had a three day holiday. We talked about it and I made plans a week and a half before then on making the trip. When I got done with fixing the busted water line and got all my honey do's done I went and hooked up the grading blade. To my surprise the bolts on the bottom were...
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    Easy way to deal with field rats

    That's right rat's. When timber companies clear cut large tracks of land they leave wood piles. In said wood piles rodents and snakes like to make a home out of them. When you live near or have land close to timber company land you might have a rat or snake problem when they leave piles of wood...
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    Nicotine for pesticide

    So the message is clear I am NOT saying to pick up the habit. It's not a good thing to get hooked on, trust me I have been using skoal for 17 years and I go through a can a day. Also use southern pride and jb's hunting blend chewing tobacco. Regular pesticide has toxins in it and some you can...
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    Done with chute

    Well guys I'm done building the chute. I still need to run a wire wheel over the welds to make double sure everything is welded up good and tight. Here are the picture's I promised. I apologize if the pictures are crooked me and my phone don't get along sometimes.
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    Chute finally built

    Well guys I'm done building the chute. I still need to run a wire wheel over the welds to make double sure everything is welded up good and tight. Here are the picture's I promised.
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    Head gate chute update

    Sorry guys no pictures yet but I will post some when I'm done building it. I should be done with it by Monday. Trust me you won't be disappointed when I post them this is just telling you my progress and what is built so far. The chute wall frames are built with 1 1/4 by 1 1/4 inch by 1/8 inch...
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    Welding gear update

    In another post I mentioned some new welding gear I got so I would be safer while welding and grinding. For those who don't know me I'm stubborn as a stump on certian things and safety is something I get into arguments about. I don't even wear a life jacket while in a boat but I bowed down this...
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    Description of my Predator Rifle

    You are right. I love my Remington 742 chambered in 30-06. Nothing wrong with the .223/5.56 NATO or .308 I just never cared for the .308 and really don't like the .223/5.56 nato. Don't care for small calibers or 16-28 gauge period but everyone has their own preference. Use what you are...
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    No prisoner policy or forgive and forget?

    Do you euthanize everything or do you let it go? Some are soft hearted others not so much. Sure you can drop it off down the road but do you thing about it becoming someone else's problem or that it might come back when you do so? Euthenize is a polite term so let's stick with it. When you...
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    Description of my Predator Rifle

    This is my predator, deer and pig rifle. I use 125 grain instead of the 150-165 grain ammo for predators. I will take it hands down over those play things people use these days any day and any time.
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    Protective gear

    Do you have your protective gear guys? With spring around the corner patch work, repairs and maintaining everything will start soon. I know how much it sucks when you think of the words protective gear. Gloves, hats, helmets, jackets, shirts, face shields, welding helmets, glasses, boots, pants...
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    Head gate and chute

    Going to start to fabricate a head gate into a catch chute soon. It's going to be a square tube frame with sucker rods for the outer bars. The head gate is going to have hinges on one side and pins on the other so it can be swung open in case one needs to get inside the chute. On a side note...