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  1. lilcountryjim

    Had a wonderful day fishing on the Angelina River

    i hadn't been on the angelina in years.i hear that there's quite a few good fishing spots on it.
  2. lilcountryjim

    Canning Home Grown Jalapeno Peppers

    i reread your original post and got to you use the water bath method? on account i used my preasure cooker/canner.and im now thinking that's why mine might not of turned out crunchy/crisp.
  3. lilcountryjim

    Dogs been rolling in something dead

    at least it wasn't skunk..hope you have plenty of shampoo. .
  4. lilcountryjim

    Canning Home Grown Jalapeno Peppers

    it looks like i used pickling lime with the jalapeños. hoping that'd work.but it didn't. work.but then again.i might not of used enough.i probably should of used pickling & canning salt instead.
  5. lilcountryjim

    Canning Home Grown Jalapeno Peppers

    i canned some jalapeños last year.they didn't end up crunchy/firm like i wanted.but stii edible.
  6. lilcountryjim

    Garden plans for 2019?

    I moved into a apt last i'll be planting in large pots this year.jalapeños in one.and tomatoes in three otherd.i need to try my hand at canning ketchup this year.
  7. lilcountryjim

    Building things from wood

    I have 3 sets of home made shelves that i built myself. 1 set is built with 1x6's and 1x2's.thos are for canned and dry foods..the others are built from dog ear pickets.of course larger shelves can be built for lage items,like boxes and work free standing cabinets for the...
  8. lilcountryjim

    Strange vechiles on rural roads

    Hope the sheriff went n ched them out