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    Liquid fertilizer for fig trees

    What is the best liquid fertilizer for fig trees? My fig trees are in the chicken yard, which is somewhere around 100 yards from my house. To water my fig trees I run a hose from the creek and use a sump pump to pump water from the creek to the fig trees. This requires me to string out around...
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    Labor Day Cookout - Glad To Be Home

    Labor Day weekend is here - those of you who do not have a job better not be celebrating either. Some of us see it as the end of summer, while others are just enjoying the three day weekend. Hunters know it is just a couple of weeks or months until hunting starts. Besides all of that, this...
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    Planning a new orchard for 2020

    After putting thought into the project: Add more rain barrels to the chicken house - have around 6 in total Design a drip irritation system using the rain barrels Use Jobes and/or Miracle Grow fertilizer spikes - the big ones I would like to design and build some type of screened box for...
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    Planning a new orchard for 2020

    In the chicken yard is a pile of brush I left for rabbit habitat. After the chicken yard was enclosed (around 1/2 acre) I saw a noticeable difference in the number of wild rabbits in and around the yard. In all honesty, I feel an orchard would serve my long term plans better than a wild rabbit...
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    Got potatoes and onions planted

    Update on the potatoes, a month later and they are doing great. Some of the plants are around 3 inches tall, while others are still breaking through the ground. Probably going to wait two more weeks, then spread some 13-13-13 along the rows and make up the mounds. Plan is to use a...
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    Canning Home Grown Jalapeno Peppers

    Whats the trick to keeping peppers crunchy? I have not used any of my peppers from last year. 2019 I am probably going to make a bunch of hot sauce to use in Tex-Mex dishes my wife and I cook.
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    General Electric, best stock of 2019?

    Is General Electric (GE) the best stock to buy in 2019? What gets me, how in the world is GE valued at $10.30, as of March 14, 2019? I know the company has been having some problems, but this is a fortune 500 company. GE stock has been falling for what looks like 5 years. The big question is...
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    Sold my Obsidian Energy stock

    Projections put Obsidian Energy not making a full recovery until the the middle, or even the end of 2019. So I sold it all and bought General Electric stock. The reason I bought Obsidian Energy stock is because it was doing very well before the price of oil dropped out. Now that the price of...
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    Building things from wood

    Excellent ideas. I have a cousin who made wooden swings and rocking chairs.
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    Difference between pullets and straight run

    What is the difference between pullets and straight run? Pullets are female chicks. Straight run could be anything. Typically, there is around a 50/50 chance of a straight run chick being a rooster. Think of it this way, female chicks who will grow up to be laying hens are "pulled" from the...
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    Blogging for money

    There was once a time when someone coul open a website, post content, and they may be able to make money off that blog. Those days are pretty much over. For someone to start a website today they will be fighting an uphill battle. The person would ahve to know about search engine optimization...
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    Making money in a rural area

    One of the most difficult things about living in a rural area is finding gainful employment. Even for professionals such as nurses, and teachers this can be challenging. Even if someone is able to find gainful employment the wages are typically much lower than if the person lived in a city...
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    Strange vechiles on rural roads

    That is one of the bad things about living in rural areas, a deputy may take 30 minutes to get here. If its not an emergency, sometimes the deputy may not have time to check things out. Which makes it ideal for drug deals and people up to no good. The truck was hanging around for a little...
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    Preparing Rows for 2019 Spring Garden

    We are around a month from planting the main part of the 2019 spring garden. Before we plant I want to make the rows up with a middle buster, then spread manure, and ash in the row. Hopefully this will give the manure around a month to break down before planting. One of the benefits of manure...
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    Got potatoes and onions planted

    Dug up a couple of the potatoes this evening, they showed no signs of rot. Hopefully they can make it through all of this rain. In 2018 I planted a couple of rows of potatoes. We got so much rain the potatoes rotted in the ground, Around three weeks after they were planted none of them had...