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    Best hunting places on public lands

    Years ago I read an article saying the best hunting places on public lands are the places nobody else wants to go to. Typically this means the hard to reach areas. When hiking in there are only so many miles someone can cover by foot. However, when it comes to boating someone can get far back...
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    Question for Preppers/Survivalists or anyone else that cares to provide your opinion

    Well, this forum is not really about prepping, but I will give my opinion. It is more about endurance than anything else. For example, being able to chop firewood, or work a field by hand... etc.
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    Fall Crappie Fishing

    How is the crappie fishing in the fall? Typically, I try to go catfishing with noodles and trotlines in the fall. I usually catch a lot of bowfin, more bowfin than catfish, but that might be because of the bait. Sometime after Thanksgiving I want to head out to a local river, do some...
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    Feel free to post any feedback in this section

    This is for people who are interested, or live, a rural country lifestyle.
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    Hello from N.D.

    Hello and welcome to the community.
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    Found an opossum in the chicken house

    Thank you very much. They are only looking for food, no need to harm them.
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    Out of towners during Labor Day

    One thing I dislike about holidays is the number of out of towners that show up in rural areas. Typically, they are going to the lake, river, or hunting lease for the long weekend. A lot of them toss their trash out on the road and expect it to magically disappear. It never fails, after a...
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    Exactly how are Democrats suppoesd to win 2018 and 2020?

    Someone explain "exactly" how democrats are suppose to win the 2018 mid-term elections and the 2020 elections. The economy is doing great. President Trump is working on balancing trade. Peace talks are happening between north and south Korea. Nations that do not take steps to stop terrorism...
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    Democrats Promoting Fascism

    There is a common question democrats like to throw to Republican voters – “Why do you vote against your best interest?” Meaning, why do Republican voters vote against socialism, and socialist policies? For one, one idiots vote for socialism, which is first cousins to communism and fascism...
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    Tips for Growing Tabasco Peppers

    Tabasco peppers are growing like crazy. One tabasco pepper plant looks like it has 100 peppers on it. Tips for Growing Tabasco Peppers Work the soil and remove rocks, roots and break up clumps of soil Plant tabasco peppers in well drained soil. The plants seem to do well in sandy soil Space...
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    Trump Finally talked with Putin

    President Trump and Putin had a two hour sit down in Helsinki, Finland. Rather than asking if Russia meddled in the 2016 elections, maybe we should ask "why" Russia would want to meddle. What did Russia have to gain by Hillary losing? I think the answer is clear, under Hillary Russia-American...
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    Getting deer feeders ready and planting food plots

    Here on the farm my son and I have been in the process of getting ready for the 2018 - 2019 hunting season. This involves working on some deer stands, getting the feeders ready and planting some food plots. One deer stand is a tri-pod what needs either some tin or plywood put around it, and a...
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    Had a wonderful day fishing on the Angelina River

    The day started off at 5:00 am, and of course I hit the snooze button a few times. I had planned on leaving the house at 5:30, and I was able to get out the door at around 5:25 am. Stopped off at a donut shop in Jasper, Texas, then went to Bevil Port to launch the boat. From there, I headed...
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    Canning Home Grown Jalapeno Peppers

    This article about canning home grown jalapeno peppers has been two months in the making. We started in May of 2018 with planting the peppers, taking care of the jalapeno pepper plants in the backyard garden, then finally harvesting, and now canning. Before we talk about canning home grown...
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    Growing Jalapeno Peppers in a Backyard Vegetable Garden

    How to grow jalapeno peppers in a backyard vegetable garden. jalapeno peppers are an excellent crop to grow in a backyard vegetable garden. They do well in a range of soil conditions and tolerate the summer heat fairly well. Fertilizer For Jalapeno Peppers Jalapeno Peppers do best with a...