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    Got potatoes and onions planted

    Had a wonderful weekend with the family, and got potatoes and onions planted. Mom, dad and my oldest son came to the farm, had lunch, then we went to a field and planted four rows of potatoes and two rows of onions. The day started off with firing up the pit, letting it warm up for around an...
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    Added 14 new chicks for 2019

    After suffering some losses to my chicken flock over the past year, I decided to add 14 more. Part of the losses was due to a couple of new puppies my wife and I adopted. One of the puppies was a lab. It would run over to the chicken house, grab a chicken, and bring it back to the house. It...
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    Garden plans for 2019?

    That sounds like a good plan. When do you usually start planting in 6A? My potatoes are going in over the next couple of weeks Corn - End of March Everything else - Around the start of April
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    Best Fertilizer For Potatoes

    When planting potatoes I start out with 13-13-13. This is a well balanced fertilizer that I feel helps get the plant established. Around six weeks after planting I side dress with 10-20-10 and then work up a mound around the plants. 13-13-13 - well balanced for plant growth 10-20-10 - helps...
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    Strange vechiles on rural roads

    The other day my wife and I were heading to town, and as we were leaving out there was a truck parked on the side of the road. Ok, no big deal, expect the passangers side door was open. We went to town, took care of business, then drove home. Guess what, the truck was still there with the...
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    Tips For Picking Seed Potatoes

    This article will attempt to guide the reader through the process of visiting the local farm supply store and picking out the best seed potatoes. What exactly is a seed potato? Isn't is supposed to be potato seeds? Potatoes are not grow from seed. Potatoes from the previous year are used to...
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    Tech Connect

    Check into ATT fixed wireless for rural areas.
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    Garden Salsa Peppers

    Peppers were hot, and did not produce like I had wanted. Probably not going to plant them again.
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    Tips for Growing Tabasco Peppers

    I felt the plants did wonderful. Some of the tabasco plants were almost 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide. One plant easily produced more peppers than I could use. For the spring of 2019 I am probably going to plant 4 tabasco pepper plants. This year will be a little different as I want to build...
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    Elizabeth Warren Sets Wealth Tax Estimated 5X Her Worth

    Funny how rich democrats who talk about taxing the wealthy set the bar far above their own net worth. Take Elizabeth Warren for example who is calling for a wealth tax on everyone who makes more than $50 million. Her net worth is somewhere around 10 million...
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    Garden plans for 2019?

    Hopefully I will be able to plant a nice sized garden during the spring of 2019. Cucumbers Corn Potatoes Snap beans Purple hull peas Peppers Okra - planted in the summer Watermelons - I m not sure of According to the old farmers almanac for 2019, something like February 24th and 25 will be...
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    Hello and welcome to the community
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    Best hunting places on public lands

    Years ago I read an article saying the best hunting places on public lands are the places nobody else wants to go to. Typically this means the hard to reach areas. When hiking in there are only so many miles someone can cover by foot. However, when it comes to boating someone can get far back...
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    Question for Preppers/Survivalists or anyone else that cares to provide your opinion

    Well, this forum is not really about prepping, but I will give my opinion. It is more about endurance than anything else. For example, being able to chop firewood, or work a field by hand... etc.
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    Fall Crappie Fishing

    How is the crappie fishing in the fall? Typically, I try to go catfishing with noodles and trotlines in the fall. I usually catch a lot of bowfin, more bowfin than catfish, but that might be because of the bait. Sometime after Thanksgiving I want to head out to a local river, do some...